CrashPlan Network Drive Backup

CrashPlan Network Drive Backup

Crashplan does not support network backup through mapped drives to the cloud. To work around this follow the steps below.

1. Create a batch file with the following information using the proper information for your network setup and location of the share path.

net use S: “\\<device_ip_address>\<share_name>” “<password>” /USER:”<username>” >>C:\tmp\mount.log /PERSISTENT:YES

2. Create a Task in Task Scheduler to run the Batch file at startup.
Enter a name and a description.
Under Security options, click Change User or Group…
In Enter the object name to select, enter SYSTEM.
3. Triggers tab select Begin the task At log on for any user.

4. Actions tab choose Start A Program and choose the batch file we just created.

5. Sign out then sign in to test the share. It should show up as disconnected but will
still open.

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