From Windows to Mac First 24 hrs

From Windows to Mac First 24 hrs

I’m now about 24 hrs into my first ever Mac purchase.  I’m not looking back nor do I want to.  With Parallels installed as my safety net I don’t need a pc.  There have already been a few bumps in the honeymoon phase which I’ll get into later in this post but overall I’m very happy with the transition.

With over 10 years in the IT field I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has “their” team.  It can be Microsoft / Apple,  Watchguard / pfsense, Cisco /unifi / ruckus.  Getting outside of this mindset can be difficult  but pays dividends when out in the field.  This is why I’ve decided to take the leap.  Being able to support any setup without the need to google simple troubleshooting is massive in the eyes of the enduser or client.

That being said.  Lets get into my experience so far.


1. This thing is a power house!  15 inch MacBook Pro with 16GB mem.
2. I love this keyboard the short press has actually increased my words per minute.
3. The touchpad is massive and its amazing.
4. Parallels Mac/Windows/Linux
5. The screen is very crisp, and vivid.
6. Battery life is better than my prior laptop even with the huge performance boost.


1. Sometimes I swipe with 2 fingers instead of 3 which sends me backwards in the browser.
2. Some applications are not available. So far Labtech, connectwise, and watchguard.
3. Having to learn things like how do I shut this thing down, lock the screen, take a screenshot, etc.
4. It costs so dang much!

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks on my experience, thoughts along the way and wether you should be making the jump from Windows to Mac or vise versa.

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